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Women's Candidates: Tan Zhongyi honored in Khiva

The closing ceremony of the 2022 FIDE Women’s Candidates Pool B, took place this afternoon in the magnificent ballroom of the Farovon Hotel, the venue of the event. 

Representing China, GM Tan Zhongyi received the winner’s trophy and a diploma from FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich, who was joined on the stage by the President of the Uzbekistan Chess Federation, Alisher Sadullaev. Runner-up GM Aleksandra Goryachkina, who participated under the FIDE flag, didn’t attend the ceremony.

The ceremony began at 3 pm with a short recap video of the event, followed by the official speeches of the authorities. Sadullaev thanked FIDE for supporting the idea of organizing the Women’s Candidates in Khiva and for their help and cooperation. He also hoped that many more top events could be held in Uzbekistan. 

Dvorkovich began his speech with words of gratitude to all the local organizers and everyone who made the event possible, including the arbiters, the fair-play team, the media team, and the hotel staff. He also thanked all the local Uzbek people who always warmly welcome their guests with all their hearts. 

He mentioned that it was his request to hold the event in Uzbekistan, that he was really happy it turned out so well, and that the best players in the world had a chance to play here. He was also very pleased to see so many other players present in the 1st International Al-Beruniy Chess Open tournament, especially all the kids.

Finally, Chief Arbiter Husan Turdialiev thanked the players for their great fighting chess and a good attitude, before inviting Tan Zhongyi onto the stage. Arkady Dvorkovich gave her the winner’s trophy and all the guests stood up for China’s official anthem.

The authorities exchanged gifts and pleasantries. Amongst other presents, Dvorkovich was given a set of traditional Uzbek robes and a hat, while Sadullaev was treated to a special chess book, which Dvorkovich used to learn how to play. Dvorkovich also received a chess set from the Mayor of Khiva, Timur Davletov.

The ceremony concluded with traditional music and dance, in addition to a tasty meal for everyone.


There is also a Flickr official page from where you can download the photos in high resolution.

Text: IM Michael Rahal  

Photo: Timur Sattarov